Diving The Lost Blue Hole of Bahamas

The Bahamas Lost Blue Hole is an incredibly unique, underwater landscapethat is open for pioneers to explore now. The Bahamas Blue Hole is open to diving enthusiasts and free divers alike, and is a world-renowned location for this sport. The crystal blue waters do get more dense in this area due to the huge drop off of an astonishing 200 feet deep, and acts as a shelter for the marine life living there.If anyone is thinking about diving the Lost Blue Hole of Bahamas should also be experienced in skill level with diving, and not a first time diver. With the sea floor depth around the hole is approximately 40 feet, the bottom of the blue hole is about 210 feet in depth, and divers usually tend to dive about 80 feet deep into the blue abyss.

The temperatures generally stay around an even 79 degrees at the surface above the Lost Blue Hole, and at 80 feet into the hole it is usually around 70 degrees. If you are planning a diving trip the Bahamas Lost Blue Hole, we would recommend that you bring an under water flashlight, as visibility is only about 15 feet. The Lost Blue Hole of Bahamas is an underwater sinkhole, otherwise called a vertical cave. The Lost Blue Hole of Bahamas is not the only one to exist in the world. They also exist in Belize, Guam, and Australia, as well as other islands of Bahamas. Blue holes were formed during the ice ages when sea levels were significantly lower. Today, the Blue holes contain both seawater and freshwater, and are the home to marine animals such as rock lobster, lionfish, barracuda, eels,
yellow tail, stingrays, grey reef sharks and nurse sharks. Don’t worry; these types of sharks are harmless though.

The Bahamas Dive Club is a really relaxed diving club that holds meetings for divers to meet each other and go for a dive with Bahama Divers to the Bahamas Lost Blue Hole. You can look their meeting dates up via Facebook to get more info. It’s generally a good time of sharing laughs, and a passion for divers. Becoming a dive club member means members pay $95 for the dive with a dive club membership card, instead of the normal $139 cost. Of course, by joining the dive club, this means you are a diver who visits the Bahamas on a regular basis to go on dive tours.The Bahamas Dive Center has a tour for the low cost of $129, perfect for the one-time divers to experience the Lost Blue Hole. The Bahama Divers Blue Hole Dive offer help from dive masters with over 40 years of diving experience. The dive masters take pride in giving the safest as well as the most gratifying diving experience for their customers. They normally head out to the Lost Blue Hole around 4 times a week, so give them a call and see if they are actually going on the day you would like to head out to dive.