Explore the spectacular deep blue sea off the shores of Freeport Bahamas by diving into the beautiful abyss. Imagine floating amongst the living coral reef gardens, and the thousands of species of marine wild life that lives in the ecosystem, including sea turtles, eels, sting rays, and an assortment of colorful, tropical fish. Imagine floating and drifting with the underwater current while observing the one of the more famous Caribbean shipwrecks, diving with sharks, or swimming with dolphins.

The UNEXSO Two Tank Morning Dive is a 5-star rated tour in Freeport Bahamas scuba diving gives divers the chance to absorb the whimsical world of the coral reef. After the coral reef, divers are then brought to the famous wreck site of Theo’s Wreck. Located about 100 feet underwater, this ship has become home to an array corals, and sponges. If you’re looking for a “quick” dive, than we suggest taking a look at the UNEXSO One Tank Afternoon Dive. On this dive out in the warm Bahamas water, divers will be brought to the shallow reefs that are overflowing with colorful, tropical fish. This tour is a little bit shorter, being only 2 hours, and only uses one tank. If you are the type of person that likes to get a little scared, push yourself into thrilling experiences, live your life by the saying, “Live life to the fullest,” than the UNEXSO Shark Dive in Freeport Bahamas is the dive you want to do.