Scuba Diving Equipment

It’s time to get in the water, and you ask yourself, “Do I have everything I need?” It’s a fair question, one that would be completely unnecessary if you were simply stepping into a bathtub, or a swimming pool. But scuba diving in the Bahamas is not something you do without the proper equipment, it requires patience, careful instruction from a qualified individual, a very particular set of equipment, and a curiosity for the ocean. The first is simply to make sure you remain safe, and the latter because sometimes you need to harness that passion to convince yourself to get in the water! The second point is about equipment, absolutely essential to any dive. This blog is dedicated to providing information to both novice and seasoned divers about the latest in diving equipment, providing regular updates on the newest technology, how to use it, and how it can make your dive better. Diving year round can be an extremely expensive past time, especially if you require the latest and greatest everything! For those just stepping into the Bahamas scuba diving community for the first time, this should become your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about scuba diving equipment. We leave no stone unturned, and commit ourselves to bringing the Bahamas scuba diving community closer together.