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Bahamas Scuba Diving | Exploring The Underwater World

No trip to the Bahamas is complete without a dip into the warm and clear waters. With so many options and packages, there has never been a better time to throw on your wetsuit and dive into the Atlantic Ocean for a nice relaxing scuba dive.

At Scuba Dive Bahamas, we have many great Bahamas scuba diving packages for you to choose from which will make your stay in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas the best it can be. From our Nassau dive trips to our Freeport scuba diving adventures, we have packages for every swimmer, novice to advanced.

Scuba Dive Nassau

Nassau is largest city and commercial center of the commonwealth. It is a lively city with plenty to do and even more to see. From shopping to fishing, dining to sightseeing, the capital city is a sight to see and a great place to visit.

Our Bahamas scuba diving packages starting in Nassau are a great way to see the undersea sights of the Atlantic Ocean. From our two tank dives that will take you all over the sea floor to our shorter one tank dives and swimming with dolphins, there is something for everyone at Scuba Dive Bahamas.

Our Bahamas scuba diving trips are the right price for vacationers and jetsetters alike. With cheap prices and a knowledgeable, dedicated staff, Scuba Dive Bahamas has the best packages for the right price.

Freeport Scuba Diving Trips

Not quite as large as Nassau, Freeport is a bustling port city with amenities, restaurants, and great shopping district.

Our Bahamas scuba diving packages in Freeport are a great choice for divers of all skill levels and families of all ages. From diving with the sharks to exploring the coral reef, there is much to explore on the sea floor.

At Scuba Dive Bahamas, we employ a friendly, knowledgeable staff who guide you through the dive and give you the education you need to make the most of your experience.

Come And Visit From Your Cruise Ship

If you are going to be visiting the island from a cruise ship, we can help you get the best value for your day trip. We can work with your cruise itinerary to provide you with the best Bahamas scuba diving experience for a price that beats our competitors.

When booking Bahamas scuba diving adventure with us, we will need to know when your ship will arrive. It is also important to make sure you book a trip that will give you plenty of time to get through customs and allow you a buffer if your cruise ship is running late.