More Info on Scuba Diving Freeport, Bahamas

Information on Scuba Diving Freeport, Bahamas

The islands featured on our general diving information page are famous diving sites that divers and tourists can explore. Not only are there diving sites, but also scuba diving certification courses that you can take to become a certified diver. Discover the diving activities and courses you can take while at the Bahamas, and get a thrill on your vacation through diving adventures.

Freeport, Bahamas
Treasure hunting in shipwrecked Spanish galleons, exploring mysterious underwater caves and swimming with dolphins are just a few of the many diving activities that Freeport offers. Whether you're a beginner or advanced scuba diver, Freeport offers a variety of diving sites that you can explore.

A tour you can take that Freeport offers is UNEXSO Dive with the Dolphins where you can swim with trained dolphins that allows you to come face-to-face with these friendly sea creatures. You'll be able to interact with these dolphins and get them to perform fun tricks for you. By swimming with these intelligent dolphins, you'll also be able to enjoy seeing them in their natural environment. As a hands-on learning experience, this dive tour is a must for all divers.

Another eye-opening tour in Freeport is the UNEXSO Shark Dive where you get to be in the natural habitat of wild sharks. You'll also get to see how professional shark feeders feed these sea creatures and learn many facts about sharks regarding their biology, behavior and even misconceptions about sharks. This shark dive will help you appreciate these so-called dangerous sea creatures and be fascinated by these sharks.

While on your diving trip to Freeport, you can gain scuba diving certification through the UNEXSO Resort Course Dive. During this course, you'll be with expert divers who will help you gain diving experience and knowledge in a short time. Through hands-on training, you'll be able to get certified for scuba diving in no time; you can dive deeper and farther out in the water to discover and challenge your diving abilities. From the fish to the coral reef, explore more with a scuba diving certification through the UNEXSO Resort Course Dive.