More Info on Scuba Diving in Nassau

Information on Scuba Diving Nassau Bahamas

The Bahamas has numerous islands that provide a wide range of diving activities, such as shark dive tours, that any type of diver can experience and enjoy. From shipwrecks to ecosystems, scuba diving in Bahamas is an incredible way to learn about the underwater world where you can find thousands of coral reef heads and countless water species.

Nassau, Bahamas

Big city diving is what Nassau is all about. As the capital of Bahamas, Nassau is known for its stunning underwater paradise and exotic marine life. Not only can you explore Nassau beneath the surface and enjoy the sea life, but there are also other underwater attractions that are ready for discovery. Add Nassau to your itinerary as a go-to place for scuba diving in Bahamas.

One of the main diving attractions in Nassau is the Shipyard where you can find three different shipwrecks, home to schools of fish and other marine life. Other shipwreck diving sites in Nassau have also been featured in popular movies.

Another fantastic diving site in Nassau is the Stuart Cove shark dive where you can experience the thrilling underwater adventure of being near numerous Caribbean reef sharks. You can also watch the feeding frenzy among the sharks as professional shark feeders dive underwater with bait. If it's your first time taking the Stuart Cove Shark Adventure tour, you get the first dive free. An underwater photographer also accompanies you on your underwater journey.

One of the best dive sites in Nassau is the Lost Ocean Blue Hole. Measuring at 80-feet in diameter and 300-feet deep, this mysterious natural wonder is a must-see for intermediate to advanced divers who have been certified. Surrounded by coral reef and filled with a variety of marine life, such as French angelfish and reef sharks, the Lost Blue Hole has more to it than its natural phenomenon.

After experiencing the magnificent and exhilarating wonders a Nassau Bahamas scuba diving trip, there is scuba diving certification available to make diving a life-long hobby of yours. If you would like to get your scuba diving certification in Nassau, there is a beginners course to help you gain diving knowledge and experience in order to become certified. After taking the course, you can start doing solo dives and advance into deeper waters. You can then get certified through a class known as Complete Open Water Certification. With a scuba diving certification, you can enhance your diving experience in Nassau and discover more wonders of marine life.

Stuart Cove Learn to Dive Resort Course

Before getting your scuba diving certification, take the Stuart Cove Learn to Dive Resort Course to experience the depths of the ocean without getting a certification first. With a concise explanation of all the diving basics by a certified diver, you'll be ready to dive even 40 feet underwater. Through this learning course, you get to test out scuba diving gear in a resort pool before going out into open waters. After testing out scuba diving gear and ensuring safety for all divers, you'll travel to a dive site near Nassau, filled with beautiful coral reefs, and be able to test out your diving skills. If you'd like to dive with a group of friends and family members, the Stuart Cove Learn to Dive Resort Course accommodates small groups for a fun and intimate learning experience.