Resort Course Dives in Nassau

Is your dream vacation entitled "Scuba Diving Bahamas?" It's an excellent way to leave the routine behind and see some exciting elements of nature. Floating is relaxing, but added to watching colorful little fish, it's better than alcohol. Coral reef fish seen on a dive in the Bahamas may include blue tang, blue chromis, yellowtail snapper, stoplight parrot fish and bicolor damselfish, just to name a few.

Becoming certified in scuba is time-consuming, and if you don't know how serious you want to be about scuba diving, try our Resort Course Dive first. We'll teach you the basics about scuba diving and let you test out scuba equipment for an hour or two in a pool or on the beach. Our expert instructors will accompany your group out to a diving spot on one of our custom diving boats and make sure that everyone is diving safely.

You can swim 30 feet below the surface on your first dive, taking in the beauty and wonder of this hidden world. The coral reef and marine animals that live around it are fairly dazzling when experienced "up close and personal." Our Nassau scuba diving tours include:
-full instruction
-masks, fins and snorkel
-tanks, weights and belts

"Scuba Diving Bahamas" is sounding more and more possible, now, isn't it? It's not a tough call given a choice between Nassau and Freeport because either one is a desirable vacation site. Stuart Cove Learn to Dive Resort Course diving in Nassau includes all equipment and a PADI certified instructor who will talk about breathing techniques, diving information and the ocean. The instructor will take you to coral reef ecosystem inhabited by stingrays or sea turtles, and hundreds of exotic fish will swim by, around, under and over divers. Divers can choose a 9:00 a.m. or a 1:00 p.m. time for this Nassau diving course.