Scuba Diver's Knife

A dive knife is an important safety tool. The dive knife is rarely used as a weapon and should not be viewed as one. There are many diving situations that will require a dive knife.

Duties of the Dive Knife

The dive knife is essential in Bahamas diving. It's better to have a dive knife and not need one than to need one and be without. It's easy to get tangled in fishnet or get hooked on vegetation underwater. There are many pieces of equipment the diver will be wearing, and any of them can get caught and endanger your life if you don't have a dive knife. Divers have died because they were trapped in a net and had no way to cut the net. You might need the knife to release wildlife from tangled nets.

Features of a Good Dive Knife

Pointed or Blunt

Before shopping for a dive knife, it's essential that you think about the kind of diving you'll be doing. Most divers don't need a pointed knife because it can cause problems by puncturing the wet suit, regulator or cut the skin.

Sharp and Smooth Edges

Each side of the knife will serve a purpose for a variety of situations. Sometimes a diver will need a sharp smooth edge to slice, and other times a serrated edge is needed for sawing. Often, a knife with a pair of scissors for snipping is an interesting option.


The next choice when purchasing a knife is whether to get stainless steel or titanium. Stainless steel can get corroded very quickly but is cheaper than a titanium knife. The titanium knife lasts long and is extremely durable. It can last a long time but if it gets lost, you'll have to buy another. Dive knives get lost frequently.


This is the most important part of the dive knife. The sheath must hold the dive knife securely but the diver needs to be able to release the knife one-handed. The sheath must also allow the diver to secure it one-handed too. There are many places that the sheath can be attached to the body, and each diver has a place that works best for them. In the Bahamas diving, lots of divers wear their dive knife in a sheath attached to their thigh.

All this needs to be taken into account before purchasing the knife. After diving a few times, evaluate if the knife you've chosen is perfect for you. You can always purchase another.