Scuba Diving in Freeport Bahamas

Crystal clear water, coral heads and shallow coral reefs just below the ocean's surface make Freeport Bahamas an excellent diving destination. Islands in the area provide a variety of diving experiences from beginning to advance diving. Clear blue waters sparking with sunlight allow skilled divers to explore underwater trenches, blue holes and walls for deep sea diving in the perfect environment. Swim with colorful tropical fish and reef sharks. Explore underwater caves and look for treasure on sunken Spanish galleons. Walls range from stopping at sand bottoms 100 feet deep to walls that plunge down thousands of feet with a seemingly endless bottom. Freeport Bahamas scuba diving will have you delightfully finding coral spines, sponges and exotic black coral.

The circular blue holes were formed during ice ages as fresh water dissolved and left limestone deposits. Acid rain etched these unique holes into the island's shallow banks over centuries. There are now more blue holes in the Bahamas than any other place on Earth. Whether you are an avid, experienced diver or just beginning, diving Freeport Bahamas will be an unforgettable experience. Experience one or more of several excellent diving tours on a Freeport Bahamas vacation.

Grand Bahamas Scuba Tours

Want to try scuba diving on your Bahamas vacation but are not certified? The UNEXSO resort course dive Discover Scuba Diving is your best bet. This dive tour provides a quick, safe and easy way to go below the ocean's surface. Expert divers are on hand to gently guide you along to an underwater world beyond your imagination. The course on this tour will allow you to bypass extensive certification courses and experience the wonders of scuba diving. First you will receive a brief lesson on scuba diving basics. Then for an hour or so, you will be guided in testing out your scuba gear in the water, perhaps at a pool or in the water near the beach. The real adventure begins when you board one of their custom dive boats. The professional crew will help you to soon be swimming 30 feet deep in the ocean. Now you too can be fascinated by the beauty of the corals and tropical fish.

UNEXSO Two Tank Morning Dive

If you are a certified diver, head out with an experienced crew of master instructors and a small group of avid divers to explore the beauty and wonder beneath the blue Caribbean. Be amazed at the diversity of habitats and wildlife, coral reef gardens, exotic marine animals and colorful tropical fish. Great spots on the coral reefs surrounding the Bahamas always amaze both experienced and new divers on this tour. Choose to go up to 80 feet deep or just hang around the shallower water at a depth of 30 or 40 feet. Afterwards, join the crew to head out and explore a Caribbean shipwreck. One of the most popular dives includes Theo's Wreck, a massive 230-foot freighter about 100 below the water. The ship is now home to colorful corals, sponges, stingrays, moray eels and butterfly fish. The crew of this diving tour has decades of experience. Each morning, they study the water conditions and decide the best location for diving.

UNEXSO One Tank Afternoon Dive

Not a morning person? The Afternoon One Tank Dive Tour may be for you. The Bahamas feature the most diverse and extensive coral reel system in the world, and this tour will take you to one of the best locations. Experience a living coral reef system teeming with a huge variety of beautiful and interesting marine life. These tours typically head for one of the shallow water reefs. These locations have proven to provide divers with the best of diving experiences.

UNEXSO Dive With the Dolphins

Dolphins are the most fascinating creatures that you can watch and experience on any diving tour. This dive allows you to dive and swim with specially trained dolphins. Meet these wondrous creatures face to face and interact with them. You will be amazed at the experience of frolicking along in the water with these friendly marine creatures. Before diving, instructors will teach you gestures and techniques to get the dolphins to perform tricks just for you. You will fall absolutely in love with dolphins after this dive tour.

UNEXSO Shark Dive

Are you an experienced diver longing for something totally different and unique? The Bahamas Shark Dive Tour may be just the thrill you are craving. This two-tank dive will introduce you to the underwater world of the mysterious sharks. Turn your fear of these creatures into curiosity and clear up many misconceptions about these ocean creatures. A pre-diving lecture will teach you some amazing facts about these often-misunderstood creatures. Learn about shark behavior, shark feeding habits and migration patterns. Afterwards, you will go on a regular shark dive to their natural habitat. Next you will get to actually see the feeding behaviors of the sharks. An experienced shark feeder will give them food using a spear to safely release the food and manipulate the sharks' behavior. All the captains and crew on this tour are highly experienced and can safely lead you on this incredible Caribbean adventure.