Scuba Diving Mask

With 70% of the earth's surface covered in water, a dive enthusiast is open to an entire world that is unknown by most. Countless animals, plants and underwater formations thrive in underwater environments and offer spectacular and sometimes strange sights for further inspection.

There are wondrous diving experiences available all around the world. For the beginner, here are a few tips. First, consider what type of water you want to dive into and explore. For plenty of magnificent sights consider the tranquil, warmer waters of the Bahamas. Bahamas diving offers plenty of choices with tours in general marine life, dolphin dives, shark dives, cave dives and wreck dives.

Next, take some time picking out the right scuba mask. There is a myriad of scuba equipment out there, some necessary and some optional. Not even the most expert diver would attempt a tour into the water without the proper scuba mask. Do not settle on an inexpensive, poor quality scuba mask. A bad diving experience can ruin even the most enjoyable vacation.

A scuba mask has an air pocket so that your eyes can focus and see underwater. There are five components to consider when choosing the proper mask for your Bahamas diving trip. The mask must have an enclosed nose to adjust for pressure changes. Make sure the mask is made of tempered glass; plastic will fog up and regular glass can shatter. It must have a feathered, double skirt preferably made out of silicone as it is the most reliable. There should be wide straps with easy one-touch buckle adjustments so it can be done while underwater. Finally, the mask should have slanted lenses to that you can see up, down and side to side.

There will be plenty of proper scuba mask choices at a good dive shop; so the next step is to pick one that has a good fit. Hold the mask to your face without putting the straps on and inhale gently through your nose. The mask fits properly if it stays stuck to your face without continually inhaling.

Finally, scrub the inside of the mask before first use with soft scrub or toothpaste to remove the chemical build-up that can happen during manufacturing. This step with ensure that the mask does not fog up.

Jump in (the water's fine!) and bring your next outing to a new level with a unique Bahamas diving excursion.