Special Dives in Freeport Bahamas

The Bahamas have always been an incredibly popular spot for scuba divers because of its immense natural beauty. Bahamas divers enjoy the clean and clear water, and its abundant underwater wildlife – coral, fish, sharks, dolphins, and even old wrecks lying underneath the surface. We offer dives in Freeport, which are homes to some spectacular wildlife and scenes.

Scuba Diving in Freeport Bahamas

And of course scuba diving in the Bahamas wouldn't be complete without diving in Freeport. Freeport is located very close to Florida, and is quite easy to reach from the US. Of course there are amazing white sand beaches all around Freeport that will distract anyone, and there are amazing things for a diver to see in the water too. Here are a few of the Freeport specialty dives.

Specialty Dives in Freeport:

UNEXSO Dive With The Dolphins

Dolphins are amazing and friendly creatures that are very curious and playful. In this incredibly unique tour you will be diving WITH trained dolphins in their natural habitat. Before diving you will learn some special signs that will help you to interact with the dolphins and play with them. This is an opportunity that is truly unique - to be able to actually interact with dolphins in the open waters.

UNEXSO Shark Dive

Sharks are beautiful and frightening creatures. But the frightening aspect is something that has been shown in an unfavorable light by decades of movies and bad press. In nature, sharks are elegant and graceful creatures. In our specialty shark dive in Freeport, you will learn about these amazing creatures and have a chance to see them in their natural habitat. Our professional staff will feed them while you safely observe. Your safety can be assured at all times so that you can relax and enjoy some of nature's most amazing animals.

UNEXSO Resort Course Dive

For true beginners who are interested in trying scuba diving for the first time, our UNEXSO Resort Course Dive will allow you to test the waters without needing a diving license. After a short training course with some practice with the equipment, you will be taken to a shallow dive at 30 feet in the amazing Caribbean sea. At 30 feet there is plenty of natural light for you to see amazingly colorful tropical fish in the diverse ocean. This is a good opportunity for anyone who has been curious about scuba diving and would like to try more without the full time and expense of scuba certification. Additionally, our professional staff will be around the whole time to guarantee your safety.