Tips for Being Careful When Snorkeling and Diving

We love our oceans and coral reef gardens in the Bahamas, so the last thing we want to do is bring anyone out that does not want to help us keep it healthy and living. We know that most of the time, people are just not aware and simply don’t know right from wrong. Here are a few tips to help our future divers and snorkelers to help preserve our beautiful Bahamas coral reef, and ocean life.

We ask any guests of ours, to try to become more self aware. This means, although we know you will be kicking your legs and using your arms, try to be careful that you don’t hit and damage any coral reef or hurt any fish or other wildlife in the ocean. We know fish are fast, but it has happened, where people have been swimming, and have damaged the fish’s fin. And even worse is if you accidently hit the coral reef, that could destroy thousands of year worth of building and ruining an entire eco-system.

If damaged is done to the coral reef polyps, this could hold devastating long-term effects on the shorelines of the beaches of the Bahamas. Coral reefs protect nearby the nearby shores, and the smaller the coral reef, the smaller the shores and beautiful beach will be.

So what can you do to help prevent any damage while enjoying a scuba diving or snorkeling trip in the Bahamas? Make sure of your surroundings on all four sides, and mobilize your way slowly through the water to lessen your chance of damaging any coral reef or marine life. Remember, this should be a relaxing and calm experience, and we should work together to leave a small carbon footprint. This will be possible by listening to any instructions that the tour guide gives you on the boat before getting in the water. By following these directions and keeping aware of your surroundings, you’re bound to have fun while being eco-friendly.