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Stuart Cove Shark Adventure Dive

If you are the type to look for unforgettable and exhilarating adventures, then this is the trip for you. Our Shark Adventure Dives are the ideal diving trips for people who want to feel their heart pound and their blood pump. These dives will introduce you to the world of the Caribbean Reef Sharks meant to create the experience of a lifetime with an up close and personal view of these amazing creatures of the sea.

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Whether you are visiting Nassau or Freeport Bahamas, experienced or first-time diver, there is something for everyone. Come experience some of the best diving in the bahamas.

No matter who you ask where the best diving in the world can be had, one answer will always ring out above all the others: Nassau, Bahamas. Nassau diving is the experience of a lifetime. The island's natural beauty coupled with the abundance of animal and plant species native to the area make the Bahamas a true tropical paradise, perfect for anyone seeking adventure, exploration, or just an opportunity to escape a mundane routine. In fact, the possibilities for an incredible vacation in Nassau are practically endless. You could easily dive down to explore the wreckage of the famous civil war gun-runner, the U.S.S. Adirondack, swim and snorkel with a pod of dolphins, and be back in time to have a cocktail and watch the sunset over the beaches of Paradise Island.

If you're looking for an adventure that offers spectacular scenery and pulse-racing excitement, plan a trip to Freeport Bahamas for Bahamas diving. You'll find islands that offer a variety of diving experiences for beginner and advanced divers. Swim with reef sharks and colorful fish along beautiful coral reefs. Explore underwater caves and blue holes. Hunt for treasure on old sunken Spanish galleons. The Islands of the Bahamas are full of underwater sites that offer incredible diving adventures.

What to Bring Checklist:

To make your excursions a more pleasurable experience, we recommend you bring your bathing suit, comfortable clothing, sunscreen, towel, camera, identification and souvenier money. Snacks and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided.

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